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You know their likes and dislikes, their favorite movie and least favorite co worker. You might never have realeyesed, however, the color of your favorite online journaler's eyes! We thought we'd provide you with a little eyesight - a group of online journals sorted by eye color. Useless information, eh? Well, you know what they say - eyes are the windows to the soul. So here's lookin' at you, kid - just click on the links to the right to see the dazzling array of colors.

Want a banner?
Thanks to Carol, of the journal Suicide Blonde, for the creation of this burb.
Also, thanks to Elizabeth for the eye color info.

The burb is now current through January 25, 2004.



Blue Eyes  Blue

Brown Eyes  Brown

Green Eyes  Green

Grey Eyes  Grey

Hazel Eyes  Hazel

Chameleon Eyes  Chameleon

Dual Colored Eyes  Dual-Colored

Would you like to add your eye-catching journal to this listing? Just email Krystyn at: realeyes at glitterbook dot com with the following information: your name, eye color, journal title, and URL. Send a picture of your eye(s), and we'll post it right along with your listing!


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